Monday, November 24, 2014

Why would we need cash for our home???


       Sandy was behind in her mortgage payments and was just one month away from foreclosure
and in jeopardy of losing everything even though equity existed.  A quick sale could put money in her
pocket and salvage her credit.

·         John was a landlord who was tired of having his tenants trash his rental; he wanted out quickly so he could move on to other types of investments. 
·         Susan was divorcing her husband and wanted to go forward equably and peacefully with both parties becoming debt free from the sale of their home. 
·         Cynthia got an amazing job in another state and had to start right away. She needed to move quickly. She did not have time to do all the needed repairs to sell for the premium price or the time to wait for a retail buyer.
·         Al inherited his Grandfather’s house.  The home was in need of repair and full of his grandfather’s possessions– he needs it updated before he could sell it, but he lacked the funds or the ability to do it.  By taking a lower price, he let the new owner take over that job.  
·         Bill didn’t know if he could trust a real estate agent and just didn’t know enough about the business to do a “For Sale By Owner”, and trusted us to help him get out quickly.

·         Questions from clients:
·         I lost my job and I can’t make my mortgage payments and I have fallen behind in my bills –Now my credit is bad… will you still help us?  Yes! We can help you get out quickly.
·         We know our house looks dated and cluttered.  We really don’t want to go through all the trouble and expense to sell our home using a conventional means. Will you buy it?  Yes.  It really does not matter the condition of the property. We will take care of all that.
·         My mom died and I just can’t get past it – I need the money to pay for her funeral expenses, so I need to sell the house – Can you help us?   Yes, we can buy your house for cash and the funeral mother deserves can be done.
·         We raised 6 kids in that home – it’s crazy, we needed a big house we couldn’t afford and now with no kids, we really need something smaller and nicer.  Can you help us get the money we will need for a down payment on our dream retirement home? 
Yes – usually enough equity exists in your current home that leaves you with cash in hand for that next home.

This is how we work!

·         We will quickly call you back and get some additional information about your house. It’s possible we can make you a offer there on the phone, but more likely that we will ask to set up a time at your convenience to come take a look at your home.
·         During our visit, we will explain the process of our company purchasing your home. We will then assess the condition of the home and make you a no obligation, no nonsense, cash offer.
·         If you choose to accept our offer, we’ll set up a fast closing that works best for you and you can get the cash out of your home!
We will chat with you and make some decisions based on our interview to decide what the value of your home is.  We will then give you a cash offer and we can usually close in 15 days to get you the money for your home.

There are many factors that determine the offer that we will make on your home, some of these factors include:
1.    What is current financial condition of the home?
2.    What does your home look like now?
3.    The length of time and expense to get all the repair work done.
4.    We will evaluate other homes near your and determine the extent of repairs.

5.    We will take into consideration how much your home will be worth after repairs.

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