Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why would I want to get cash for my home?

·         Sandy Mercer was behind in her mortgage payments and was just one month away from foreclosure and in jeopardy of losing everything. 
·         John Smythe was a landlord who was tired of having his tenants trash his rental; he wanted out quickly so he could move on to other types of investments. 
·         Susan Gillam was divorcing her husband and wanted to go forward equitably and peacefully with both parties becoming debt free from the sale of their home. 
·         Cynthia Really got an amazing job in another state and had to start right away, she had to cut losses and leave rather than dealing with the regular long time frame of trying to sell for the original price she thought she could get. 
·         Alfred Dumont inherited his Grandfather’s house.  The home was in need of repair, full of junk from his grandfather’s hoarding – he needed it gutted, rehabbed and completely fixed up before he could sell it.  By taking a lower price, he let the new owner take over that mess.  
·         Another person didn’t know if he could trust a real estate agent and just didn’t know enough about the business to do a for sale by owner, and trusted us to help him get out quickly.
·         Questions from clients:
·         Our mortgage payments are too high because I lost my job –Now my credit is bad… will you still help us?  Yes! We can help you get out quickly.
·         Our foundation is a mess – can you help us?  Yes – we will need to disclose that to the new buyer and it might take a little longer but we can help you.

·         We know our house looks dated and cluttered.  We would like to move out and sell it vacant so it will go faster and maybe you could fix it up for the new owner?  Yes.  That is called rehabbing – yes we could do that for you.  It might take a little longer, or we can work the fix up budget into the selling price to move it quicker.